S200 power tuning and adjustment

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Re: S200 power tuning and adjustment

Fri Jul 31, 2020 10:21 pm

Perhaps a bit too late and also, you may be really happy with where the fulcrum is right now ... but you could minimise the upward tilting of the fore end and cylinder by moving the bipod backwards.
Looking really good. Cant wait to see what the power curve (or lack of) looks like with the regulator bedded in. Can take a tin or so before it runs normal. keep us posted!
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Re: S200 power tuning and adjustment

Sat Aug 01, 2020 1:03 pm

I've added 0.1mm to the shim (total now of 0.24mm) and nipped it down real tight with some soft jaw grips and it's spot on now and keeps a pretty consistent barrel to cylinder gap now. I chrono'd it this morning at 12.1ft/lbs :oops: I followed the manual and set the hammer spring screw flush with the block, just as a warning to anyone who wants to fit a reg and thinks it will be fine at the advised settings. It was all over the place to begin with. 11.4 11.5 11.8 11.3... I was a little worried but I took to the range, filled to 200bar and wanted to see how many shots I could get.

The first 20 were all over the place, but by shot 35-40 I was within a 5p piece at 20 meters (this was an indoor range so I was limited a little for distance). I carried on, shot after shot waiting for it to drop but it didn't! I got 70 shots in and it was still at about 130 bar when I ran out of range time and with all these social distancing measures I had to go for the next guy! :roll: I would suspect 80-90 shots before it started dropping which for an s200 is amazing! I re-chronod the gun after shooting and it was back up at 11.9ft/lbs but the fps spread was within 6-8fps for each shot :D I've lowered it back down to 11.4 ft/lb and I will run a whole pack of pellets through before I go back for a re-tune. :D

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