Old but new.

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Old but new.

Sat Nov 30, 2019 5:29 pm

Hi all, I've been a shooter for the best part of 50 years, but fairly new to the world of PCP air rifles, hence the subject line. I've been looking in different places to gain knowledge and hopefully, enough passed on wisdom, that will allow me to dive into this new and bewildering world, without being sold a pup or falling foul of an unscrupulous seller.
I have a fancy to try some friendly target shooting, before hopefully joining in with some FT/HFT with the odd bit of vermin control, so after spending what seemed like a million hours on Youtube, reading reviews and asking questions, I seem to have made my decision on the rifle I would prefer to start with, I think I've made the right decision, before I spend my money, but I've plumped for the Air Arms S400 in .177.
Now, given the research I've done, it seems to be the best option, with several choices of after market parts, to help me to enjoy the sport more. So, I ask my new friends, have I made the right choice? budget is of course a major factor, but I do have a little put away, I can dip into, to start me on my way. I'm not green by any means, but I don't want to be wasting my money carelessly, so if I have the right rifle, I've looked at scopes, which will more than likely be a Hawke, pellets, I've not really delved into yet, but after shooting a friends air rifle, AADE or AADF will probably be the ones.
Here I am, please drop me a line if there's anything you can suggest or point me in the right direction, I'm here to learns and enjoy myself all the way.

Cycling was my sport, but after a couple of accidents and warnings from those in the medical fraternity, I've found a new sport, that will get me out of the house and plenty of social interaction.

Thank you.

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Re: Old but new.

Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:02 pm

Welcome to the forum :D you have made a wise choice with the .177 400 very good rifle.
Hawke scope are not a bad scopes at all.
Pellets....the aa range are good pellets but every barrel is different one aa400 may love fields another may not.
You could buy an assorted sample pack from pellpax so you can try a wider range before buying.

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Re: Old but new.

Sun Dec 01, 2019 10:36 am

Welcome to the form, fellow cyclist! What did you ride? MTBs? Road bikes? Tourers? TTs?

Cant really go wrong with the S400. I live in Rugby. If you are in the area, I would be happy to introduce you to some local FT / HFT clubs. I also have a reasonable few targets and plinking could be possible too. :)
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Re: Old but new.

Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:34 am

Thank you for the welcome, I live in Durham, so Rugby is a 200 mile drive, but thank you for the offer. I have a road bike, Cube Peloton Pro and an MTB, a Cube Acid 29er, I have a dedicated Cube store near me, so I'm a snob to the brand, plus, for the money, I think they're the best equipped bikes.

I spent last night, doing more homework on the S400, I'd prefer the standard rifle over the carbine, but there's so many comments about the stocks, some seem to be soft and mark easily, many are only right handed and I'm left handed, so to start with, I'd prefer a rifle with a left or ambi stock.

So, I'd welcome suggestions and advice, plus, if anyone has one for sale, full rifle or action only, I'd be happy to know more.


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