S510 Ultimate Sporter .177

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S510 Ultimate Sporter .177

Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:51 am

I am reluctantly putting my trusty 510 up for sale as she is not getting the exercise she deserves !
what you get for your money:-

A} the lower rail was not international standard I had it professionally replaced with an Anschutz International fuller length version. (cost item & labour £90)

B}The rail allows the use of a Centra Folding Bipod as a rifle stand and as a shooting aid (£60+)

C} the butt hook/pad was nye on useless for proper shoulder placement/support so I had an MEC MK 2 fitted (£180+)

D} the original trigger unit was "flexing " so I had a Rowen engineering unit fitted with all the usual trigger mech polishing etc. (£43 for trigger unit alone)

E} because I use a higher power scope and thus the bigger objective lens the cheek piece riser bar is also after market to allow it to sit higher without the originals wobble at that height (£28)

F} The rifle has its own customised bag (ie it has velcro retaining straps to stop the rifle moving about ( the bag was £39 plus custom work of £25)

G} the rifle has its own toolkit for holding all its associated Allen keys,screwdriver,scope note book, target grid measure etc all in a water tight box (£27 for box alone) secured within the gun bag.

H} the box also contains three magazines ie one more than normal(£34) plus the quick fill adapter for the new style AA filler valve (re sealed last month )

I} within the bag also is a pellet pouch with tin clam plus a tin of its favourite pellets

J} I may also have more tins of that batch @ 8.00 a tin (a considerable saving over upto 14 quid a tin )

K} lastly I have a ZOS scope sitting on it that ha high magnification for my old eyes and it allows me to shoot very tight groups right out to 75 yds

L} forgot the cocking lever has a Biathlon style handle fitted (£22+)for ease of handling in cold/wet conditions

The gun and its kit/bag have been well looked after and cherished so the whole lot looks mint.

If you add up all that i have spent on this set up it is north of £1,400 the asking price is £750 FIRM which is a bargain to someone who wants afinely fettled gun that they can fully adjust to suit them selves ergonomically.

Unfortunately I cannot seem to load pictures to the site, so PM a mobile number for pictures
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