I feel his pain

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I feel his pain

Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:38 pm

Soooooooooo...... yesterday after work I had this real smart idea that I would go and buy the kids a hamster. I had been thinking about it for ages and it felt like the right time to go to the pet shop.

We choose the hamster - the most active and funny one if you must know - and a cage and all its paraphernalia - sales person put hamster in a cardboard box with holes and put it inside the cage with all its other stuff and placed it in my boot!

We began the 35 minute drive home full of excitement with our new family member!

20 mins into the journey I felt something brush past my left ankle, I scratched it and carried on driving.

It Happened again! I looked and there’s a fucking hamster sat under the fucking clutch pedal!!!!!

Holy shit balls!! Wtf! No stopping allowed on the roads, so had to drive the rest of the way home knowing there’s a fucking hamster on the loose in my car!!!!

Get home, jumped out and had the last glimpse of the orange fur ball as it burrowed its way behind the pedals.

All evening I checked the car every ten minutes trying to entice the thing out - nothing.

Anyway, this morning I was first out the door to check of any sign and it’s eaten its way thru the passenger seatbelt of my car.

I’ve been to four garages and they have told me the damage to foamy parts of the car including under the seats is extensive and it’s only been 24 hours!

We have had no luck in finding it!

Pet shop have told me to lay food out and build a bed for it.

Please can anyone suggest any way to get the bloody thing out?

This could only happen to me! Ask me how much I’m loving life right now!!!!!! 😭


(Day three - Took the car to the garage again and in between sniggers, the mechanics kindly informed me that it’s running into hours and hours of labour and diagnostics! It’s also destroyed the passenger door airbag as well - the light is flashing on the dash!! 😭) Ah cheers for that mate! Told me to get it vacuumed and to lay traps!

Went to the hardware store, was asked - how many mouse traps would you like? Me: I’ll take them ALL!! The shopkeepers face as I left the shop with my arms full!! 😳 👈🏻

Vacuumed the car like a fucking mad thing! Fucking sweating I was!! EIGHT humane traps have been laid out in the car! Take that fur face!! 🐹

Day four: this hamster is fast becoming my life!!! The little shit has defied the 8 traps and of course the mop bucket with homemade ladder made out of rail track and sticky tape! The ladder was knocked over, so I’m gonna saw that a bit shorter later on and actually stick it to the bucket! Ffs!! He has also started nibbling the plastic around the seatbelt area. Expecting a delivery of five more larger traps some time today! I’ll get you ya little fucker!!! 🐹

Day 4 evening: ok guys, the little fucker is still on the loose, I believe she is in the seatbelt column so I have placed banana there and a trail of food up to the ladder and loads of goodies in the bucket! I will check every half hour or so - thanks for all your help ❤️🐹

Day 5 - Saturday evening - still no fur ball - this is is one smart mouse - airbag written off !!!! - didn’t take me up on chicken, cucumber, peanut butter or banana! Come on peeps!!! 😭

Day 6 - Sunday morning - This arsehole hamster is outsmarting me!!! She’s eaten some of the food leading to the traps but the little shit ain’t falling for, or into my traps!! 😭 I cringe every time I go and open the car door in anticipation not only for finding the hamster, but discovering more damage! My once five seater car is now a four seater now that I cannot use the passenger side! 😩

I believe she’s living near or around the passenger seat belt area which she has destroyed, including the side impact airbag, which she’s totalled! I’m going to remove all of the food and try some of your amazing suggestions!

Hammy, you deceived me with what I thought was the look of love at the pet shop, I could tell you would have a fun personality! You’ve taken fun to a whole new level!!

I WILL find you!! 🐹😈

Still Day 6 - 5pm! Getting dusky so decided to go and inspect the car after clearing it out ready to set new traps! 🙌🏻

Omg!! Holy fucking non existent fur balls! Look at the state of my fucking boot now as well!! 😭 am actually taking a moment to be proper devastated about this! Actually, I can’t decide whether I’m devastated or very fucking impressed with the wit of this little critter!

I tell you what, I’m sure I can feel her eyes boaring into me from her secret place! Little fucker doing it’s hamster giggle at me with her hands on her big fat swollen belly! The belly that’s not full of cucumber, peanut buttter or chicken! The belly that is instead full of different parts of my fucking car!! Like my seatbelt, my boot, the carpets, the nice yummy foamy parts, wiring and plastic casing to name but a few!!

Thing will be the size of godfuckingzilla if she isn’t found soon!!!! Come on Moussey, come to Momma!!! 🐹

Day 7 - I am SO tired! Like a real life zombie! Even newborn babies don’t make you this tired, this fucking hamster is life right now! When I do sleep I dream of hamsters! I’m not sure I even like hamsters anymore! All I think about is hamsters, like all day and all night! I’m so determined to find the thing, I know she’s alive, it’s just a matter of time! 😩

ok, this is the plan. I’ve removed all of the food from the car. Picture shows three plastic buckets, they are covered in tissue paper at the bottom, nice soft landing for her furry arse!! Across the top I have placed kitchen towel with a tiny piece of breadstick covered in peanut butter! The final picture shows what I expect to happen! Nobody breathe!! 😷

Day 8 - holy macaroni why didn’t anybody warn me about fruit flies!! 😩 opened the car door and the horrid fuckers flocked straight for my face - OMG - I didn’t have time to hold my breath so now I’m convinced my lungs are full of flies!!! 😭

Fuck knows what the neighbours must have thought as I screamed, running down the road away from the sodding swarm waving my arms frantically whilst turning blue !! 😷😭

I had removed all the food , but this is a sure sign Miss Furry Fucker has hidden fruit in my car!! She is one determined fluff ball! She’s met her match! 🙌🏻

It’s me vs you Hammy! And I’m getting closer! I just know it!!!! 🐹🤦🏻‍♀️
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Re: I feel his pain

Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:21 am

I would think it may be getting thirsty by now. Try a little bit of water in a jar lid.

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Re: I feel his pain

Thu Aug 23, 2018 5:42 am

While originally intended to catch Mosquito's, if the hamster is thirsty this may work

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Re: I feel his pain

Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:59 am

Any updates Ray ?

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Re: I feel his pain

Mon Aug 27, 2018 10:13 am

Not yet
Did I mention that I'm the only one to have attended EVERY annual meet since we started

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Re: I feel his pain

Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:26 pm

Set fire to the car ray that will f*** it right up :twisted:
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Re: I feel his pain

Wed Aug 29, 2018 10:57 pm

The reason I suggested the water is, a fellow I know had the same thing happen, but it was a large black and white rat. He finally got it with the water, but it took 3 days.

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Re: I feel his pain

Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:11 am

Even quicker...Leave just one car window open 2 inches. Insert hose pipe and turn on the water. when it gets tothe open window its sure to swim out. :D

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Re: I feel his pain

Sat Sep 01, 2018 9:16 am

Take 1 large pot of pepper, put the car hoover on blow, tip the pepper in the nozzle and blow pepper into every bit of the car and listen for sneezing.

Or rat poison. :twisted:

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Re: I feel his pain

Fri Nov 23, 2018 4:38 pm

Paint ball bearings to look like peanuts and leave them in the footwell. It will break its teeth on them and starve to death. :o

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