Second Air Arms rifle

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Second Air Arms rifle

Mon Sep 21, 2020 9:43 pm

I purchased a new to me Air Arms MPR FT back close to the beginning of the year - right before they put us all on lockdown here in Coffee Country. Bought it from a friend of mine and on Friday last he was finally able to drop by on his way to visit family further south. I'd wanted a good singleshot PCP for quite a while, but they are not common here and usually are quite steep in price. This one cost me less than my beech stocked ProSport so was tickled as to price.

Now I'm curious about the MPR FT and possible issues that may crop up over time. Is there any particular part that tends to fail? I'd like to get a complete set of seals, but Air Arms Spares only seems to offer them by the piece, not as a complete kit. I'm guessing it would be good to get a spare gauge and any sealing rings in that area, as well as the o-rings for the fill. Other than that, I've no idea what would be good to have "just in case".

Saturday I made it out to the club and took the MPR FT, the ProSport and a couple of Cometas. The Cometas are both "works in progress", the Air Arms both gave complete satisfaction - as expected. The only spare scope when the rifle arrived was a UTG Hunter 4X32. Not the best for my eyes but the rifle didn't let me down. 8-) I ran a 5 shot group and then in three more shots had her dead center. It was great to see the impact on paper move in the direction the clicks indicated with no need for additional shots at each stage. Got a 6-24 scope in today so we'll see how she does when I'm able to actually see what I'm shooting at.

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Re: Second Air Arms rifle

Sat Dec 05, 2020 9:02 pm

There are a number of folk who sell sets of seals for the S400 on ebay. That will give you all the seals quite cheaply. As the MPR FT was discontinued some years ago it may have an early version of the firing valve and these are far less prone to failure than the newer ones and that is often thought to be the achilles heel of the design. My own S400 is a 2007 model and continues to function perfectly. The only attention it has needed is to clean the striker rail and clean and oil the trigger assembly.


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