Lacking wind post rebuild

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Lacking wind post rebuild

Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:56 pm

Hi, here I am , seeking brains to be picked...again.

I've done a rebuild on my Gen 2 S410 Carbine and here's the griff.

I was seeking to solve inconsistency in pellet strikes and found this...

The hammer was not running smoothly and polishing the rail and washing the hammer in thinners has fixed this. I think somebody had lubed the
parts and this had turned to sticky varnish.

The seals have already been replaced and held pressure.

The firing valve housing was blackened and grubby and the sealing tip made Tutankhamun look healthy.
Again cleaned with thinners and polished. I put the housing back in three turns as counted and aligned nick marks I'd made.

So here's the parts list,

New seals
New hammer spring
New firing valve (black tip)
Some new socket cap screws

And the outcome?

The gun filled to 175 bar, which it is holding so far.

Now, firing shows the power in underwhelming in the extreme. At 20 yards, strikes that could puncture
the thin ply backstop merely bounce off.
Previously, I couldn't execute a fill because the valve ti[p was so flaky , Now, the valve holds pressure perfectly
but my S410 couldn't execute a nail.

Yours in distress, David

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