Thinking of stripping the finish from your gun stock?

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Thinking of stripping the finish from your gun stock?

Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:54 pm

right now, regulars know my first reaction to anyone asking advice on this (:-if you need to ask-don`t even try!!) but! watching a hand plane restoration build on youtube I came across summit I`ve never seeen or heard before, now, my advice is still don`t try unless you`re prepared ultimately, to fail & need to replace the stock or spraypaint it cos you`ve ruined the finish, but if your determined you may wanna try steeping the stock in in laquer thinners, bloke doesn`t say how long so, you`d simply need to keep checking say every hour to when the finish starts to come off easily, I still say don`t mind you, this is only for the determined or those with a damaged stock that needs refinished! the rosewood handles on the guys plane came up completely stripped when he removed from the solution, just thought I`d add that`s how long he left it in for!
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