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Re: Julian Bonds spares

Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:20 pm

Scopez wrote:morning... :? Julian,as advised by admin,im after s410 .22 carbine parts n price like everyone best price.
S595-bolt housing s410 .22
S360-s410 firing pot
RN113- screws M5 x 6 skt cup pt.
S331-main hammer spring .22 s410
grub screw that locks firing pot in place plz...?

is the housing bare or has it got ,barrel seal holder n housing bush etc.?...if not I also need them plz
and as others do,can I p.m. you for spares etc not sure how will look read into this many thanks...scopez.

the bolt housing comes completely bare, nothing attached, i'm afraid :-( . you can email me or ring me for spares , all the details are below on the website .

S595 BOLT HOUSING S410 - BOTTOM MOUNTED 77.37- 7.74 =69.63
S360 FIRING POT 12.64- 1.26= 11.38
RN113 M5 X 6 SKT SET CUP PT 0.44- 0.04= 0.40x2=0.80
S331 MAIN SPRING 3.75- 0.38= 3.38
S228 M4 X 6 SKT SET FL PT 0.44 -0.04= 0.40 (i believe its this one but i'll make sure you get the right one :-) )
S402A BARREL SEAL CARRIER .22 14.77- 1.48 =13.29
S501 BOLT HOUSING BUSH .22 CAL 3.24- 0.32= 2.92
plus postage unless you want to collect :-).

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