Replacement "Stock" question (NJR 100)

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Replacement "Stock" question (NJR 100)

Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:24 am

Hi Everyone,
Quick question for those that know more than me about other AA models.
I have an NJR 100 serial: 00024 which I brought off a well known Bisley member back in the 90's.
The gun doesn't get used much as i don't shoot for clubs etc. anymore.
I wanted to sell it and get a .22 pro sport or similar for a spot of small game hunting,,, but it didn't sell,, and I still love it to be honest.
So, I want to ditch the Field Target stock in favour of something lighter and more comfortable.
Does anyone know if other stocks like the SM100 would fit?
Or if there is a stock that would be a good starting point to modifiy?
I was thinking of making one from scratch but seems like a lot of work.
Any ideas or advice welcome.
And if anyone has a stock that would work,,,, definately get in touch.

Regards to all.

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Re: Replacement "Stock" question (NJR 100)

Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:19 pm

Any of the 100 series stocks will fit as all used the same basic action.

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Re: Replacement "Stock" question (NJR 100)

Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:21 pm

Hi There,
Are you still looking for a different stock for your NJR-100 ? i have a TM-100 stock which should be a simple swap for you, the TM-100 has a stock a bit like the Air Arms MPR-S400, i hadn't thought of changing it, but i rather like the NJR stock, mine is in good condition for its age, no nasty dents or horrid scuff's etc, it has age of course so is not perfect but it is, i think, good for its age, i was planning to have it stripped and i was going to re-finish it with an oiled finish, but if it would help you i'd happily swap it.

I replaced the "horrid" original regulator with one of my own which was a big improvement, i'm currently developing a floating hammer for it, i designed and made one for my S400 and i was surprised at the improvement it made, more shots per charge and a significant improvement in accuracy!
I am assuming your NJR is the same as my TM and the trigger sears drag something wicked on the hammer?

Do you still have the second stock mounting in place? the band that goes around the air tube and fixed to the stock, i removed mine a short while ago only to discover significant rust under it! if yours is still in place it may be worth a quick look-see, i caught mine just in time.

Take Care,
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