bought something on HP? if you wanna stop paying read on

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bought something on HP? if you wanna stop paying read on

Mon May 15, 2017 8:03 pm

now you`re maybe gonna think this is BS, it`s not, read carefully,- if you`ve bought something on HP & are maybe fed up or struggling to meet the payments!
in one of our national sunday papers up here, a reader wrote in asking about this, the legal bloke said that even he had to look this one up & guess what,
if you`ve bought ANYTHING on HP, & have paid back 51% (or more) of the repayments, you can simply & legally contact the vendor or HP company (the one your making the payments too!) & simply tell them you wish to terminate the contract & they can come pick up the item after they contact you to make arrangements, nomatter what the item is, say a car, as long as the item is in reasonable condition (you`ve not wrecked it!) you simply terminate the payments (gonna guess at bank standing order or such, simply inform the bank to stop payments) the HP company will simply come & take it back, now, the downside (of course) you may be blacklisted for this, in the case of my brother when I told him, he owed nearly 5k still on a car he bought, a surprised salesman told him he`d offer him no more than 2.5k for it on a trade in for a new car, I told Chris how I`d read about this & he went back to the salesman who then gave him the bad & good news, said he might get blacklisted BUT, he could set up a new deal before the HP company put the boot in (so to speak) Chris got a brand new Clio car for less monthly payments than the 4 year old Astra he`d been paying for, on one of those pay monthly then hand it back or make a final 4 or 5k payment & the car`s yours, the Astra sat outside his house for about 3 months then one day a call was received & a towtruck showed up next day & that was the end of that! I thought it was worth mentioning!
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