These people are in charge of children!

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Re: These people are in charge of children!

Fri Mar 03, 2017 8:14 pm

Timmytree wrote:
Gixxerboy wrote:Really?????? Is this a wind up?? :? :?

Personally I don't see the problem with what he did. Remember doing the same as a kid myself when we got near home and I've done it myself with one of my own children who loved it. If he was on private property and not thrashing around like Colin Macrae I really think no harm done. Not like he's driving down the third lane of the motorway is it.

So if he'd had an accident with one of the lorries, minibuses, tractors or cars that use this road every day, if his little girl had been crushed against the steering wheel it would have been ok then? What if he'd lost control and run over one of the pupils at the school? This bloke is a teacher, a mentor and entrusted with the care of boarding pupils but is willing to risk the life of his own child?

From what I read of your original post the only person causing any risk was you swerving across the road in front of him and applying your handbrake causing him to stop suddenly in a live highway. No where in the original post did you mention "lorries, minibuses tractors or cars" using the road every day. Had I known that I may have viewed it differently.

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