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Postby FPoole » Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:32 pm

I showed up early at a jobsite and found that I had to install the last fiberglass column by myself. It had taken 3 of us about half an hour to do the previous one the day before. I thought for a few minutes and went and installed the thing. I had a little stroke of genius and all fell right in place. I left and went to the next job. The fellow that was to help me finally showed up at the other job. He called the builder and requested some help to install the column. The builder says, "It's already in" and my buddy asks who did it. He was told that I had done it by myself, so he told the boss that that was impossible and it simply can't be done by one guy. The boss says, " Why don't you walk over and have a look?" He's still not sure that I didn't have help. He had totally not even checked anything out before calling in and making himself look foolish. I have learned to keep a close eye on him, as he's shot me with a nail gun, hit me in the mouth with a large pry bar and was partially to blame for my 10 stitches in my jaw. He's not accident prone, but others around him seem to have the accidents he causes.
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