AAOC Meet 2019 pics & results

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AAOC Meet 2019 pics & results

Mon Jun 17, 2019 2:07 pm

Hi Guys
Just a big thank you everyone who helped make the AAOC meet another success, weekend just gone.

Julian & Ray (AAOC Admin)

Want to let you ALL know what a great bunch of people to spend the weekend with;
you were all very welcoming and kind.
and great company to be around.

Score for the comps that took place

It’s a crow out winner


Quick Draw McGraw winner

Neil palmer 2.49seconds

Advanced targets time team challenge

Bragging rights only! Neil Palmer & Nigel Gosling


Ladies Emily 36

Recoiling Keith Heselton 44

.22 Class Kevin 27

Open Class

1st Neil Palmer 53

2nd Nigel Gozling 48 on count back

3rd Graham Harding 48

Non AA rifles winner

Nathan Brown 54

Other scores

Andy Gutteridge 43
Alf Hawkins 45
Raymondo 40
Julian 41
David Lockey41
Mark Ponting 43
Tony Knight 37
Kevin ( all Kneeling) 27 (.22)

I had a great time,weather was good to us,look forward to next year's event & venue.
pics to large to attach,will email them to Ray and he can add to the post.


Davy Thomas
did i mention,i have done one less meet then Ray, lol.

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Re: AAOC Meet 2019 pics & results

Mon Jun 17, 2019 10:15 pm

thanks need to go to you and The Black Cats HFT Club too Davy :-)
bgaltd wrote:
Mon Jun 17, 2019 10:02 pm
thank you for making the effort to come Kevin , it was sooo good to finally meet you after all these years (face to a name and all that :-) ).

the weekend was yet another success thanks to those who came and the Black Cats Club members who I really do need to say a massive thank you to . not only did they help us raise £275 to donate to The Alzheimer's Society (https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/ in case anyone else would like to make a donation) but made all of the AAOC members feel welcome and nothing was too much trouble .

thank you to Rowan Engineering and Brian for the trophies and bases , everyone who donated prizes for the raffle and everyone who attended (especially Ray and Davy for all the extra work put in behind the scenes and in front, I really cant thank you enough ) .

again my thanks to all .

julian , Carol and Joe xxx

ps. Davy , can you pm me Alf's number(with his permission of course) or give Alf my number and ask him to ring me :-)

pps. Kevin , can you pm me your number or ring me so we can catch up in a week or 2's time :-).

cheers Fella's .

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