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1st Post - Galahad

Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:35 pm

Hello all,

Just joined the forum. Have owned a S510 thumbhole .177 for a couple of years now and been extremely happy/impressed (also have HW 77k , gamo and shoot Sako TRG 22 0.308, Winchester 1873 .357 , .22 various at Bisley 25-1200 yds , well not the .22, .357 beyond 200 right !).

Reason for posting is, that on a whim, I bought a Galahad .177 SR /Walnut/rifle length with mod, and have been absolutely blown away by how damned accurate and shoot-able this Air Arms work of art is ! Shooting Diablo field .177 and after two weeks has blasted a hole through the back of my steel pellet catcher at 25yds with one hole groups of 20+ after 2 weeks.
Switched back to the S510 every now and then and although close - its simply not in the same league and now feels way too long !

Just love the bull-pup/Sportpup ? set up (never liked the SA80 when in the army , liked the SLR !) and the design , engineering and finish of the Galahad is awesome.

Yep - read all the reviews +ve and -ve , but for me this rifle absolutely rocks.

Awesome work AIR ARMS team

respect and thank you.

Mozza BSc PhD :ugeek:

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