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97kt for my nephew

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:45 pm
by darran77
Yes yes i know its not an Air Arms but it was chosen after letting him hold quite a few guns , including a tx200 at Redbeck.
We spend a good 2 hours at the shop mainly with me nattering, but also with my nephew looking through the collection of springers on offer.
In the end it was a choice between a hw98 and a 97kt, both realy good rifles but with the 98 been a tuned gun with upgraded trigger and internals. But it was the 97 that came out on top, i should have realised it would be that one as he loves shooting my 97kt at the farm, in fact he shoots it better than me.
So with a new hawk scope, mounts, bag and a couple of tins of AA diablo's he was revieved of £400 which i thought was a good deal, so plenty of back garden plinking will be in order.
Oh and it's a .177 :D

Re: 97kt for my nephew

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:40 pm
by pjgtech
I hear them there 97's are not bad, apparently.... 8-)

Re: 97kt for my nephew

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:22 pm
by darran77
I would put them on the same line as the tx200, we just prefer the front under lever rather than the crow bar under the stock.
I tried one for a day and after a couple hundred shots i was not happy with the cocking action, but horses for courses.