Night vision

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Night vision

Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:09 pm

Hi all
I am toying with the idea of getting some form of night sight, predominantly for rats. There is a bewildering array of such devices at all sorts of prices but I am thinking about something that will not be used to frequently that can be removed and replaced on the gun very easily. I don't want to pay silly money. So I am trying to get some "expert advice" from my esteemed AAOC members. I am looking for advice on ease of use, value for money and reliability etc.
At the moment I am using a deben mini pro with a red filter, but I am starting to think it's a bit clumsy/bulky.
Thanks in advance

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Re: Night vision

Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:59 pm

On the road we go and we come to a multi junction with each direction having a toll which depends on what you would like to spend and how much it realy costs.
I took the gen 1 rout in the begining with a Yukon sentinal, a great bit of kit which i still have, but it does have its limitations. It don't like bright lights, a bit like a vampire expose it to sunlight and it will die, also it has no video out.
My next kit was the night site, and although the first version what i had was poor, flairing out when it came across anything reflective, i think the new versions have sorted it, and it has built in recording.
Number 3 is the Photon, great kit which is in use for my night vision shooting, although the use in the dalight is hazey and the onboard ir is crap i like it.
And my final system is a DIY set up consisting of a E700 camera £50, a reversing monitor £10, a T20 ir torch £35 and to cobble it all together some mounts for the screen and the torch, and a plumbers waste end cap with some plastic tubing for the camera which fits on the eye bell of a standard day scope.
there are more simpler ways like using a camcorder (that can see in night mode) fitted to the scope and an IR for illumination. Or you could go down the more expensive route with a drone-pro or the ATN system, and from what i have seen on the tube that is the bees knees with wifi and bluetooth, the only thing it don't do is pull the trigger for you YET!.
The choice is extensive, and the cost can be a bargain on the bay with a camcorder for £20 to £1,000 + for the top end system.
Also dont forget the thermal stuff, but at the moment its up and past the £5,000+ for a top set up, but it will become more affordable i am sure.
Search the tube and see what reviews are out there, and then try as many as you can before you buy, even some of the top range stuff might just not be suitable for you.
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Re: Night vision

Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:51 pm

I use photon great kit with extra ir for rats out to 35 yards .
I just had ns 200 ok but screen was not clear for me .
on rats I have used green or red filters on lamp with a
dimmer it did the job fine till the rats get lamp shy .
lamp is good first option or add on are worth a look .
atb paul.

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