some help in the trouser dept needed guys!!

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some help in the trouser dept needed guys!!

Sat Jan 07, 2017 2:34 pm

NO :roll: Not there
here:- now you`ll all know me `n the gaffer enjoy a walk now & then, thing is, I don`t have any dedicated walking trousers, a trip to Go Outdoors yesterday was well, a bit underwhelming TBO, loads of `fast drying? & water repellent!! & overtrousers (at £70 for some-YMBJ) I eventually left with a pair of Craghoppers, kinda chino style which is fine cos that`s what I wear mostly, thing is, at £20 quid (discounted from 60 or I`d never have touched them), & I also had to buy a waterproofing solution `Grangers Clothing Repel` which needs to be `washed in` which, I suppose means it`ll wash out too, so, not ideal, yeah I`ve googled it but, aside from the usual FLOOD of offers, & the fact I can`t try them on, it`s peoples experience I trust & none more than the good folks on this forum.
my only stipulation is waterproof-so, what do the hunters out there wear as I assume your outdoor trousers would suit a good outdoor walk, I`m not bothered by style really, cos I`m looking for dedicated walking trousers, some of the two tone ones I see online look the business but with no idea what I`m actually buying, Hmm, AAOC methinks- I`d like to avoid cammo but I`ll relent for a decent recommendation, & if under a ton, or as close to as poss` that`d suit me fine.
thanks in advance to anyone helping me out here.
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Re: some help in the trouser dept needed guys!!

Sat Jan 07, 2017 7:27 pm

I use deerhunter montana I got them "£3o on ebay lined warm and water proof .
the liner can be removed for summer use .
also have a look at bushwear in stirling have a wide range of kit for out doors .

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Re: some help in the trouser dept needed guys!!

Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:25 pm

Si, if you want waterproof/breathable, I totally recommend Paramo. If you look on ebay, you can get seconds, which are just the ones with a few Threads showing under the ton. You will never find a waterproof garment to match. They breath well in all conditions, if you tear them you just sew them up, they are still w/proof. The breathability is exceptional, total comfort.

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