Ahh back out in the field

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Ahh back out in the field

Wed Jan 24, 2018 11:41 pm

Finally the cold bug thing has gone and i can get back out on a night on the permissions, have not been out since just before xmas ,
so i looked into the sky tonight and thought "go on give it a go". My trip was a local perm for a couple of hours to check on the rat and bunny situation,
and although i didn't see any rats there were 4 rabbits in the field when i scanned it with the spotter.
So with movement slowed i made my way to the first one and ranged it a 46 yards and with little wind and off the trigger sticks i dropped it where it sat, his mate who was a few yards away legged it but made the fatal mistake of stopping about 5 yards closer to me and i dropped him there and then.
Scanning the field again there were two more out at 75 yards and 83 yards so i made my way over to them . Now previous to shooting the first bunny i had checked the zero from the car, but had not checked the magazine to see just how many pellets were in it Doh!, so back to me stalking the third and "fourth" bunny's.
Once within range of the third i steadied myself on the trigger sticks and sent a pellet which hit the spot and the bunny did a back flip and over the fence into the dyke with a splash, i quickly cocked the daystate and aimed at the "fourth" bunny and click oops i was out , and with the car at the other end of the perm it was to far to get there and back without spooking the last bunny, so i collected the two i had dropped earlier , and the one that had dropped into the dyke had washed away.
Still a good eve and the owner was happy as we had a coffee and a catch up after xmas and a laugh at me running out of pellets.
But i will return with a full mag.
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Re: Ahh back out in the field

Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:19 pm

sound like agood night even if you forgot to fill the mag .
great to get out good bit of shooting .
not done so good on rabbits but rats are around .

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