new toy and i am very happy

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new toy and i am very happy

Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:59 pm

I do love my night vision gear, as i have a gen 1 yukon , a photon and a diy set up as well as the red T20 torch to go at i am spoilt for choice.
But since buying the MTC viper pro my thoughts have been to lighten my load and just go with the day scope and a T20 red for the night time.
Now one of the major problems with night vision is depth of field (range finding) and unless you know your perm to the yard from any position you find yourself in its far too easy to miss-judge a range and miss your target, and i have done that on many occasions normaly blaming either the gun,pellet or wind , never me.
So with this in mind i decided on a range finder that works in the dark, yes all range finders work in the dark but unless you can see what your rangeing and your RF has an illuminated information screen then you night as well throw it and wait for the impact and then work out the range from there. So there are loads of generic RF out there as well as the +£2 grand units, so i decided to buy UK and went to and bought one from them.
this one, ... y=13698432
And this one came with the picatiny mount so i could add an extra IR as the onboard on is power hungry and only good for sub 100 yards, this is fine for me and works great as a spotter and allowing me to immediatly range the target.
I ordered it last week and it came on saturday , and sunday night after doing a few family chores i was out at a small perm with the TDR/hawk set up( the MTC is for the daystate) scanning the hedge line for any reflections, and almost immediatly i gor a reflection at 86 yards, much too far for me but it was clear enough to see it was a rabbit. So i moved in closer stopping every 10 steps to range it again and once i was at 45 yards i made a note or its location and raised the TDR onto the trigger sticks, settled onto the stock, clicked the safety off and T20 on and placed a JSB on target. the rabbit dropped and that was that, a quick check around me just in case any more had popped up and i collected my rabbit.
Although i didnt see any more (its a controlled perm) that evening i was happy that the RF had done its job making my future night sessions lighter.
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Re: new toy and i am very happy

Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:53 pm

That's great!

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