Thanks for the add

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Billy biscuit
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Thanks for the add

Sun Jul 28, 2019 9:32 am

Morning. Finally got my Tdr, second hand but accurate an in decent condition.
I've rebuilt an resealed a S400 in past, an plenty of springers. I'd like to fit a regulator, but which one? Lane or Huma?
Any advice gratefully received.
I'm considering cerracoating the metal parts, any one had this done before?
I have plenty of other guns, this ones going to be a dedicated hunting rifle. Got a 16x mag scope on it, which is perfect for me.
Was going to get some of those cheaper mags off ebay, luckily saw the post on here.
Many thanks

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Re: Thanks for the add

Sun Jul 28, 2019 2:20 pm

Hello and welcome. I can add some info regarding fitting a regulator.
First thing the regs you mentioned are both spot on, it's up to you which you chose.
Secondly I'd really think is it work spending £200+ on fitting a reg? In my opinion no.
It would be more cost effective buying a rifle which has already had a reg fitted as standard as it's a huge pain to set it up to your rifle.
Countless times stripping and assembling the rifle, bearing in mind the Air Arms threads in the block aren't regarded as hard wearing!
Drilling the cylinder for a breather hole and polishing it enough so it's a good seal on the outer reg o rings.
Some cylinders can't be polished easily due to shabby manufacturing and lines within the cylinder.
I've abandoned the reg fitting and just kept the rifle standard (Mpr Ft) making use of the fill sweet spot.
Shoot below the sweet spot and top back up 30 bar, much easier.

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Billy biscuit
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Re: Thanks for the add

Sun Jul 28, 2019 5:34 pm

Hi Richard, thanks for the reply.

Honestly, I want to get this one tuned. I had to swap an sell a lot of my guns to get it and I enjoy tuning guns up even if I don't always get my money back... Lol.

I'd consider sending it off to be done if I find the right person. I'd certainly be getting a mate whose a skilled engineer to drill the hole an polish the cylinder.

I absolutely love the s400 platform, so simple an reasonably easy to work on. Reminds me of the crosman 2250 guns. I've several of them an pull then apart regularly.

Regards. Billy.

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