Thoughts on new AA Pro Sport

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Thoughts on new AA Pro Sport

Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:51 am

I just received a new Pro Sport.117 walnut stock yesterday and took it out today.
Initial thoughts:
Excellent fit and finish.
Likes pellets in the 7.5 grain range.
Appears to be very accurate. Last 5 shot group of the day was under 1/2" at 35 yards.
It's harder to cock than my TX200 by a good margin.
Trigger is fantastic.
I like not having to push the release to return the cocking bar to it's recess. It was like switching from a standard
transmission to an automatic. I reached for the cocking handle under the barrel where it is on the TX200 about 15 times.
Stock has a nice grain pattern and was indeed bone dry. I put some wood oil on it and just let it sit over night. It
soaked it up like a sponge.
Is it worth $100.00 more than a TX? I can't really say at this time. My TX200 HC is in 22 caliber and I am very pleased
with it. One never thinks the new puppy will ever be as good as the old faithful dog was, but the pup grows up and
becomes just as good as the old dog was, but maybe in a different way. Just give him a chance.

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Re: Thoughts on new AA Pro Sport

Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:14 pm

Smear a little high moly content lube in the bottom of the receiver, where the comp. tube slides. This should ease up the cocking effort as well as a little break in period. There's a lot of force at the linkage to comp. tube connection trying to pull the comp. tube through the bottom of the receiver. That's why the PS has the plastic buttons in the tube on either side of the attachment lug.

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