AA Service Spares Kit for MKii - Poor quality, don't bother.!

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AA Service Spares Kit for MKii - Poor quality, don't bother.!

Tue Nov 07, 2023 6:46 pm

Hello All,
Just a quick post which I hope will save you time, money and disappointment. I have a TX200HC .22 Mkii - it was/is a fantastic rifle, lovely shot cycle and accurate (far better than the Mkiii - which I also own). Anyway my .22 had lost power, I tried boosting it with power washers - no joy, and then found a slight kink in the spring which was also evident through a "graunch" when cocking. Did some research and decided to opt for an AA mkii service kit which included all seals and spring + guide and top hat - I did this based upon my very positive experience of how the original spec rifle shoots. I make it clear now that I am a long term AA fan and have no ulterior motives or allegencies to any supplier. The AA kit supplied (at circa +£30 vs TBT Pro) was extremely poor to say the least - top of spring where coils are collapsed is off centre, and the spring guide had a rough surface and was a poor and very loose and sloppy fit - absolutely not what I was expecting from AA. My advice - don't waste your money buying service kits from AA. To be fair I think AA will replace the spring, but they seem happy to supply sloppy guides - there is absolutely no point in providing a new guide as a part of a spares kit if it is not fitted to the spring!.

As a further note, my original spec MKiii .177 suffered spring "twang" - and it was due to sloppy spring guide/fit - I replaced with a TBT guide and it was far better. My view the MKiii isn't a patch on the Mkii in terms of shot cycle (which is why people play about short stroking the Mkiii to emulate the Mkii). I suspect the Mkiii is a change in design for AA's commercial and manufacturing convenience/benefit and nothing to do with performance. Sad that reputations are so fragile and easily ruined by poor commitment to quality and performance (heaven knows the rifles are costly enough, but had the reputation of being fantastic straight from the box (Mkii).

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