TX200 Power Loss

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TX200 Power Loss

Tue Sep 28, 2021 10:49 pm

I have a TX200 (USA specs) and since day one has shot 8.64gr pellets at 900fps.
Bought in 2013 and that was in excess of 35,000 shots ago.
Recently at FT matches I have not been able to drop targets further than 35 yards.
I checked the speed.
It might be time for a re-build.
I watched all the videos but first let’s do a TP test.
I loaded a pellet and laid the rifle on its side while squeezing the trigger and TP over the breech area.
The TP flew about a foot into the air.
I could only get the first of the breech seals out using a dental pick but I did replace it.
It was in pretty bad shape.
Haven’t checked the speed yet but I was knocking them down way out this past weekend.
I was first place in Springer HFT…

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