Galahad indexing.

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Galahad indexing.

Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:11 am

Hi folks.

I have a problem with a New Galahad. It's pretty much perfect in every way except the magazine has never indexed correctly. Yesterday I pulled it apart and tried adjusting the indexing lever, but couldn't get it perfect. No matter how I adjusted it, it always left the magazine not quite turned enough. (Many magazines)

I checked my 510 which indexes absolutely perfectly so I tried to swap the arms over, this didn't even turn the magazine in the Galahad, so there's a substantial difference somewhere. I didn't mess about with this one and swapped them back straight away thinking one gun working is better than neither. Especially when I've just sold the 510 to a friend!

I've messed with the Galahad adjustment so much now the arm is too weak to hold a position so I've ordered a couple more. But, I'm thinking, will these again be perfect on a 510 and not a Galahad?

Has anyone else had such problems, if so what was the solution?


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Re: Galahad indexing.

Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:17 pm

Have to say I haven't had one of these to play with yet, but I understand they are basically a 410/510 set up, which means that they have a magazine retaining clip, pull the bolt/sidelever back ie cock it, loosen mag retaining screws x2, push magazine in, then close bolt, tighten screws and you should be good to go, hope that helps. Rog

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Re: Galahad indexing.

Tue Jul 18, 2017 8:05 pm

Mine went back under warranty for this issue. It wasn't the indexing arm as I thought, it turned out to be the spring clip that retains the mag being to weak.

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