TX200 trigger adjustment

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TX200 trigger adjustment

Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:38 pm

Does anyone have any tips for trigger adjustment on the TX? I understand the workings of the trigger and seen advice that mentions backing off the 2nd stage completely so the gun fires only on 1st stage. Then wind in 2nd stage till its just felt and back off 1st slightly, and iincrease 2nd to suit preference.
I say "wind in" but I understand it should be 1/4 turn max at a time, shooting after each adjustment to check.
And finally tap the gun whilst loaded, carefully aiming, just go check for no false let offs.....
Any one else have a scheme?

I should say, I'm asking as mine is what could be described as a hair trigger (whatever that is!) with no discernible two stage action....has a lot of very light movement, then a tiny resistance, then will fire......actually, having written that, maybe the third screw, trigger weight would benefit from a tweak?

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