S200 Trigger Blade Redesign

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S200 Trigger Blade Redesign

Mon Jan 16, 2023 10:08 am

Having owned an Air Arms S200 MkII for a number of years now I've always liked the rifles two piece look, balance and how simple it all works. The quality and accuracy of these rifles are excellent, but the thing that has always got me is the plastic lolly stick feel of the trigger.

So the challenge was set. Can I make a suitable one that meets my personal feel and needs of the rifle? Or end up with one of those times where in your head you know what you want, but in reality the physical result is far from your final expectation.

After long consideration of after market products I always lean back towards the preference of a single one piece flat blade. This must be the continued love of the MkI Huntsman trigger with the long flat brass blade, it just feels right with a reassuring predictable feel that is just right as a trigger should be. Once you have experienced brass you just can't go back!

Design, ergonomic feel and visual aesthetics had to be in balance with the rifle. It was very much the case of measure twice, even three times, cut once and take the time to not mess it up. After much time mentally planning this I set out to manufacture my first prototype. No machine shop, so hand tools, Dremel, needle files and wet & dry all the way. Material choice, quarter inch brass plate, but cut and worked on the flat face, not the quarter inch profile. The most material work had to be done to profile the dovetail and then how to secure it, but the risk was a bulky lump rather than the slim elegant feel that I was after. I am pleased to say though, that after a number of weeks work with small measured refinements I feel it was all worth it.

Couple this with the hints and tips on trigger improvement here on AAOC I now have a masterpiece of a two stage trigger. This was the missing piece for me and now the precise feel is so reassuring to have, just what I was after and well worth the mental torture of worrying it would be a fail and just end up in the bin.

Thank you AAOC community for the inspiration and guidance tips over the years, this now is my contribution to inspire others.

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Re: S200 Trigger Blade Redesign

Thu Jan 19, 2023 5:19 pm

Well that made an interesting read. I love how you managed to design and then make the trigger blade you always wanted.
I love making things by hand as Eboswan can vouch for.

Well done.

Did I mention that I'm the only one to have attended EVERY meet since we started

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