TX200 - Dream Like Springer.....!!!

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TX200 - Dream Like Springer.....!!!

Fri Oct 09, 2015 11:59 am


Just thought I'd setup an TX200 thread.... To see how many members out there have or have owned one of these beautiful rifles!!! Myself have had 2 of these over the years and my current rifle (see pics below) I've now owned for the past 2/3yrs. I predominately shoot benchrest with mine and have took the title for the last two consecutive years....fingers crossed a third year this year at Kibworth Shooting Ground with this particular setup which consists of the following.

.177 AA TX200HC
Hawke Endurance SF 6-24x42 (LR DOT RET.)
1pc Sports Match 30mm mounts
CS800 stock c/w with Neil Price mod to cheek piece - and custom stained / high gloss spray lacquerer finish from my place of work
Rowan Engineering - polished aluminium target trigger, trigger guard, air stripper
I've also made an custom palm rest out of polished stainless steel and all bolts have been replaced with stainless steel ones too...
The internals have also all been mirror polished, including the trigger sears and the piston seal, compression tube, spring, spring guides, top hats etc.. are all bespoke.

The rifle currently shoots at 10.3ft/lbs with JSB 8.4gn 4.52 pellets

Hope you all like the pictures.... It will be good to see what other members TX's look like? and also what setup they shoot..!!!

Enoy :)





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Re: TX200 - Dream Like Springer.....!!!

Fri Oct 09, 2015 6:05 pm

Very nice indeed, they are excellent guns with a simple relube and can be made sublime with the right tune, very, very close to a PCP for lack of hold sensitivity / stable sight picture.
You can see mine in the Geordie Stocks section under "black laminate" although they are yet again being modified with new hamsters and a final (I promise the last time :lol:) tuning experiment....

FT: Gary Cane custom laminate stock, MEC Freestyle, Sightron SIII FTIRMH 10-50x60, AJP riser rail, Nick G internals, Rowan trigger
HFT: Gary Cane custom laminate stock, MEC Freestyle, Sightron SIII 10x42, Nick G internals, Rowan trigger

Off the knee or prone, 15mm spinners at 30m, 25mm at 40m and 40mm at 50m (when I can read the wind ;)) not pellet on pellet nor bench rest standards but hugely satisfying.
TX200/Gary Cane/Sightron SIII 10-50x60
TX200/Gary Cane/Sightron SIII 10x42
TX200 test / analysis gun

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Re: TX200 - Dream Like Springer.....!!!

Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:33 am

Very nice

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