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Posted: Thu May 28, 2015 5:26 pm
by Aiden_n
Hello Geordie, just a quick question mate, can you do a sweet tx200 stock if so have you got any pics of recent work on this gun or something I coukd work on and how much do you charge mate ?

Re: Tx200

Posted: Fri May 29, 2015 12:33 am
by Geordie
I dont do them for the TX Aiden. I've done one or two in the past, but was never really happy with them.

I dont own any spring guns to copy inletting, plus I'm struggling to get through the PCP's orders at the minute.

Apologies bud. :oops:

Re: Tx200

Posted: Fri May 29, 2015 4:31 pm
by Aiden_n
Don't worry about it mate, if you do decide a little project let me know ;) :D