Shot my first 100!

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Shot my first 100!

Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:06 am

Went down to my club last night and for the first time in about five months decided to take the CZ455 .22 rimfire. A couple of targets later, after checking my zero, I decided to have a go at a bench rest card (It's something I have got into since joining this new club).

Now I have averaged in the high 80's to mid nineties in the past, which considering that I am using a sporting rifle and just a x24 mag scope everyone was telling me was doing pretty good; bearing in mind that I have been struggling with the S400 with a x40 scope I wasn't very hopeful! :(

So five 10's down the line and its time to reload the magazine, this is looking good I think, after the ninth 10 that last one started to look smaller and smaller! :D :D

I took the completed card in to the range officer and asked him to mark it. Out comes the marking gauge and he's spending ages checking one of the targets, "is it that bad Paul" "I just want to be sure" he says "all i want to know is, is it a 100?" "oh it's definitely a 100 i'm just checking to see if its a 100.1! :D :D

So I have the card all stamped up and dated, my first 100 - actually my first 100.1. Considering I had stopped using the CZ as i was enjoying shooting the air rifle more it was a good, if not expected, night.

I see more time with the CZ in my future! :)

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Re: Shot my first 100!

Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:04 pm

Well done. The first one is the one you never forget. dave

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Re: Shot my first 100!

Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:21 pm

Well done Neil, you must be well pleased :D
The only 100 i will get won't happen for another 36 years (that's if i make it to 2051)
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