speeding at 700mph!!

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speeding at 700mph!!

Sat Jun 24, 2017 1:17 pm

this is maybe a modern myth- but I soo hope it`s a true story, ahem, story go`s-
that two cops with a speed gun on an overpass over the A9 in NE Scotland (near RAF Lossiemouth) are stood scratching their heads at their speedgun, as it read 700mph :shock:
they looked up & down the road at the traffic- none of which was going anything like that speed :?:
story go`s that around a thousand feet above them, an RAF Tornado pilot was frantically shutting down his automated firing systems that figured an anti aircraft weapon had locked on!
I hope that`s a true story, the thought of Brimstone missiles hitting that overpass in those circumstances is hysterical (in theory guys- in theory)
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Re: speeding at 700mph!!

Sat Jun 24, 2017 9:39 pm

heard something simular, but it was in Wales .
Cops checking speed of traffic coming down a hill, radar gun stop's working so they return to station to get it checked out. Report comes back that the gun has been jammed by military aircraft, so cops call local airbase to find out what happened and get gun unlocked. Airbase admit that one of their aircraft on live manouvers locked onto a radar signal and the computer sent a jamming signal out and was ready to launch a missile thinking it was a hostile threat. And it was only the quick actions of the copilot that averted an incident. In the end the police don't monitor that section of the road anymore just in case.
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