Car Crash Blonde

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Car Crash Blonde

Thu Jan 21, 2016 9:41 pm

A newly retired accountant has just picked up his new Jaguar "XType" ..the salesman bids him goodbye and the guys off..heading down the road he sets off for his home. To show off his new wheels to his wife..he slowly pulls up to a set of traffic lights...Some distance behind him is an extremely tasty looking blonde..her measurements are..34b. 24 34 blonde eyes..showing more cleavage than is slashed to her navel..short skirt..hold up stockings..the works..zooming along in her Golf GTI
As she is driving..she,s sticking her make up on. Lippy..mascara..etc. She doesn,t see the lights and Crash..bang..kablam she wacks the guy in the new jag right up the arris...the guy is livid (well who wouldn,t)...he climbs out of what is left of the new motor to have words..he grabs his phone and calls the cops..he tells them whats happened and they say we,ll send a car..
He remonstrates with the blonde..she just says Oops sorry...Copper turns up ..he speaks to the guy and asks what happened..guy says. I,m sat at the lights..and dozy bird whacks me in the rear,s a new car 250 miles on it..look at,s a write off..
Copper says..Hang on sir I,ll have a word with her..
He approaches the blondes car..sees her in the car..blonde eyes..see through top..short skirt..stocking tops peeping through..
Now then love he says..just how fast was this idiot going when he reversed into you!!!
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Re: Car Crash Blonde

Tue Jan 26, 2016 12:21 pm

very good

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